Situated in Oldham, Greater Manchester we are in a prime position to service steel stockists throughout the UK.
Our recently upgraded state of the art facility is kitted out with all the latest specialist finishing equipment. And our highly skilled workforce are on task to deliver a consistently high quality finished product.

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Our Specialist Machinery

Building on our philosophy of continued improvement we have invested a significant amount of monies in state of the art machinery for 2017. This will enable us to mass produce greater quantities of products to any finish. Within the strict time frames that we already adhere to, whilst not compromising the high specifications our clients demand.

Tube/Cylindrical polishing

4 Head grief 10mm to 168mm (6”) OD
Satin/mirror Finish

2 Head Loeser fully automated on and off loading 6” to 10” sch10 Satin finish

2 Head Loeser 6mm to 168mm (6”) OD2 Head Grief Tube polishing 10mm to 168mm (6”) OD Mirror Finish

Flat bar & Boxed polishing

Grinding master 600mm capacity

Timesaver 600mm
(New machinery for 2017)

Grief 2 sided edging machinery

VG 3 Head floating 300mm capacity
(New machinery for 2017)

Grief 4 Head floating 150mm capacity
(New machinery for 2017)

Bespoke Mirror polishing

Box and Flat bar Polisher with a capacity of 6000x500mm

RJH Double end back stand for edging profiles

Our Polishing Capabilities

Tube 6mm to 168 (6”)
Satin and Mirror Finishes

Tube 168mm (6”) to 274mm (10”) Satin Finish

Flat bar 10x3mm to 250x25mm Satin and Mirror Finishes

Angle 20x20mm to 100x100mm Satin and Mirror Finishes

Box section 20x20mm to 200x200mm Satin and Mirror Finishes

Tee Section 20x20mm to 100x100mm Satin and Mirror Finishes

Cut plate up to and including 600mm


We operate a fleet of fully insured delivery vehicles ranging from a 7 ton Iveco flatbed to a 3.5 ton LWB Transit.

Our fleet helps us to deliver an ‘on time every time’ nationwide daily delivery service to our valued customers.